Our Mission

To develop, prepare, and equip a network of club members for emergency survival and civil unrest situations.

Our Story

Survival Club is the result of preparing my family to survive the civil unrest that our country seems destined for.  Over Thanksgiving dinner in 2015, I posed the idea to family members of preparing ourselves for defense against the actions of perpetrators of civil unrest. To my surprise the idea was received well and our home and self defense preparation began. Food and water supplies were next emphasized. Access to various survival supplies on a wholesale basis and a federal firearms dealer license soon followed. Wanting to help others, the buying club concept was birthed.

Inevitably, “bugging out” entered our discussions. Where would we go? Seeing that our closest bugout location was over 500 miles away, we changed our focus to “bugging in”. How would we “bug in” to our homes or safe place when a (fill in the blank) hits and family members are dispersed, at school, at work, …?  As a husband, father, and grandfather I am concerned about gathering up all my family members and returning them safely to our family. I realized that we can’t get this done ourselves. We need relationships with others who share our same values, beliefs, and faith. We need relationships with others who will look out for my family’s best interests. The local support network concept was birthed.


Survival club founder

Kevin Whitaker


Kevin is a husband, father of two, grandfather of two and he resides in Roanoke, Texas. As a member of Gateway Church, Kevin enjoys participating in the Worship Ministry Choir, Southlake.